Why Partner with Work Study

A Work Study Program provides students with tremendous opportunity – not only to afford a Catholic high school education that will prepare them to attend and succeed at great colleges, but also the opportunity to gain valuable life and work experience in a professional setting.  In Work Study Programs, businesses hire a team of four students to share one job. The money earned by the students is paid to the high school to help finance the students’ tuition.

Work Study Programs are not new in either Chicago or nationally. Such programs have enabled thousands of students to receive a rigorous college prep education at a Catholic or private high school while at the same time providing the students with invaluable life skills and training.

The key to the success of the program is support from both community and area businesses. Companies that partner with Work Study programs to provide jobs for students find numerous benefits, including: 

  • Cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time employee;

  • Contracted employees with a strong work ethic; no benefit costs, no employee-related taxes;

  • Greater employee stability for entry-level workers - 98% daily on-the-job attendance;  

  • Student scholars who report to work with job skills training prior to the start date; and

  • An opportunity to participate in a collaborative program to help students realize their full potential.

We are actively seeking businesses that are interested in becoming jobs partners with St. Francis de Sales High School. Attached you will find a Work Study brochure and a job description for a general office clerk. The brochure describes how the program works and the job description lists potential work that students typically perform in Work Study.


We hope to follow up with you to discuss St. Francis de Sales High School, the Work Study Program and how we might work together to serve your needs while helping hundreds of students on Chicago’s East Side.