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Work Study 2020 -- Weekly Update

Key to the success of Work Study 2020 is our partners -- donors who support the program financially and companies that hire our students and give them the opportunity to work and learn in a professional setting. Our Jobs Committee is charged with finding jobs for the 2020-2021 school year and is being led by MIke Dooley Director of Business Development for Work Study 2020. MIke comes with a commitment to Catholic education and experience in and knowledge of the Chicago business market. Under Mike’s leadership, we already have jobs for more than half of the student body. If you want to learn more or have ideas or contacts to share with Mike, you can reach out to him at 773-401-9810.

And if you know someone who is entering high school next year, please have them apply and let them know our next Open House is November 20th 6pm-8pm. Share our work study website with them and make sure they apply by using our online application. For questions, shadow days and more, contact Mary Kay Ramirez at 773-731-7272 or

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