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John Alfirevich ('81) Explains Why He Is Partnering with Our Work Study Program

John Alfirevich, Dealer Principal and past Time Dealer of the Year is an SFDS Class of 1981 graduate and a current SFDS Work Study Partner. We asked John why he is partnering with us and this is what he said.

“I remember looking for work opportunities while I was in high school at St Francis de Sales to help with the expense of a private education. Fast forward and in my position today, I couldn’t be more proud to help our young SFDS students who want to advance themselves while getting a good quality education. Here at Apple Chevrolet we commit ourselves to providing a valuable, maybe even life changing, work experience. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to partner with St. Francis de Sales and Big Shoulders Fund and engage students who are on the right path toward personal success. I know from experience what a pleasure it is to work with individuals who truly understand the meaning of hard work and achievement. I believe in the Work Study Program, and I couldn’t be more proud to support and partner with SFDS on their Work Study Program. I am excited to work with students and know in my heart, programs like this are where respect, accountability, and success are born.”

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