Academics and Work Study

A work student program is a blended high school experience where students have the opportunity to engage in a
traditional high school curriculum four days a week and spend one day in a work setting. Students have the best of both
worlds as they have access to a rigorous college preparatory curriculum taught by dedicated and passionate faculty as
well as experiential opportunities to excel in the workplace. Studies have shown that graduates from a work study
program are more likely to go on to successful college careers.

In the Work Study Program, students are placed into job-sharing teams where they work once every four days at a local
business from 8:30-4:30pm. The students’ academic schedules are modified so that four students share one full-time
entry-level job without missing academic class time – the students attend the same number of instructional hours over thecourse of the year as in a traditional school setting.

The academic program continues to be college preparatory, with schedules adjusted accordingly to make sure that the
curriculum is fully delivered and covered in four days instead of five. This means that the school will have a somewhat
longer school day and school year.

The academic program is arranged such that instructional time is maximized during the four school days and the work
does not interfere with the academic program. In fact, the work is considered part of the academic program because
of the skills students develop.

Students receive grades for both academics and work.

To help explain how a Work Study program works during the typical week:


Students will have Mass once a month. The Mass schedule will rotate to coordinate with the Work Study schedule.